Turkish Style Tea-kettle

Turkish Tea Kettle and Tea Pot

I have never used a tea kettle of this style before but I like the color red.  Because of that I would probably buy one if I had the need for a new kettle. Just think of the conversations this could start.  We get so hung up in one style of things that we forget that other cultures have great things too. Turkish Tea KettleSo if you are in the need for a new kettle why not try one of these.  It could be the start of a whole new thing for your family. This unique Tea Kettle and ceramic Tea Pot combination is brought to you by Maress of Turkey.     It features a cordless tea kettle which allows you to remove it from its base and serve without struggling with the cord. The quality kettle will hold 7 cups of water,  and the electronic power control system provides 90% energy saving compared to full power to boil, while keeping the water hot. The Kettle is provided with  a removable, washable,  scale filter holder.  Also featured in this cordless kettle is an automatic safety shut off switch set for 2 hours. The ceramic Tea Pot is a top of the line product crafted by Turkish potters.   It is not large, however it will hold 3 cups of your favorite beverage.   It features a colorful floral design on the side adding a splash of color to any decor. The Turkish Style Tea-kettle Turkish tea is made stronger than most tea drinkers brew it. Most tea drinkers brew the tea to the strength that it is to be drunk. Turkish tea is made very strong and then diluted to your individual tastes. Hence the style of dual pot tea kettle. It works quite well for any style of tea but especially for the Turkish style. Turkish tea is served in small/little glasses and not in the larger cups; it is way too strong to be served in them. Turkish tea is also served extremely hot, (boiling hot to be exact). full-flavored and extra strong is the Turkish style, you can have weak tea (light) or stronger (darker) depending on your preference. Turkish tea is made by pouring some very strong tea into the glass, then adding water to achieve the desired strength. Because very strong tea can become bitter, the addition of milk/cream plus sweetener can make it quite tasty. But then a true Turkish tea drinker would never add milk/cream, only sweetener. To prepare tea in this unusual set up you would do the following; now this is for Turkish style tea. The top containing the tea, and the bottom the water. 1. Prepare a small teapot by adding about one heaping teaspoon of good, black tea (Keemun, Assam, Russian Caravan, English Breakfast all work well) per cup. 2. Boil about 1 cup of water per cup of tea. 3. Pour half of the boiling water into the teapot. 4. Replace the teapot onto the tea-kettle (so that it boils with the steam underneath). 5. Let it steep for at least 15 minutes. The tea is then ready for pouring into the small tea glasses, usually 1/3 or 1/4 full depending how dark or how light you prefer your tea. The tea glass is then topped-up with hot water from the tea-kettle. The pot of tea should then be drunk within 30 minutes.

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