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Page One Curator – A tool needed by every blog owner

Free Bonus PDF:  Page One Curator PDF Note from Admin: I finished the training videos this morning for Page One Curator, and have been playing with it for the last few hours. Let me tell you this is one fine program.  It will do more than  I have spoken about in the following post.  It is going to make it so much easier to do my work on the blogs and keeping everything current, that I just can't believe how good it is.   And for such a low price too. If you have not pulled up Paul Clifford's site, then you need to before it is too late.   No, he isn't going to shut it down or limit sales.  I mean for YOU,  You will want this program. Page One Curation-CycleOkay what is Page One Curator? A tool for websites. It can be a powerful tool. And if you didn't pay attention a dangerous one. What do I mean by that, you ask? Well let me explain. Curating text from other sights can be a dangerous plan. If it is copyrighted you are in big trouble. You just broke the law, and could be in for a BIG FINE. Okay now that I have your attention; lets talk about Page One Curator. You have no worries with it. Why? Because Clifford has made sure that you have a reference back to the original text and are giving them credit for the information. Okay scare time over, Now lets talk about how Page One Curator works: It not only grabs content and curates it, but posts it to your blog AUTOMATICALLY, how cool is that? Curation is all about taking the best content and using your own voice to express it, and I believe that this software not only does that extremely well, but does even more. Its simple easy to use interface and FAQ/help guide will help you through the whole process from step 1 to the end. What is page one curator capable of?

  • Yes, its capable of content curation which is the key to grabbing high rankings in the search engines,
  • it can also be intergrated DIRECTLY in to your blogs,
  • you can schedule posts to be sent out to several blogs automatically,
  • A true set and forget it solution
  • Scheduling posts with page one curator is so simple you'll wonder how you did without it.
  • drip-fed content to your blogs whenever you want.
  • The amount of features in page one curator is too great; so I’ll list the main ones;
  • firstly, it not only does websites,
  • it looks over video sites and
  • social networks for great content to curate,
  • it also has a nice, user friendly interface
  • There's no limitations with page one curator, no limited uses etc,
  • there's only one fee,
  • no monthly fees or
  • binding contracts or underhanded tricks.
  • it also tracks every single post you’ve made so that you can edit and find them fast,
  • It also monitors your sites page ranks automatically
  • It also runs on mac and windows and is fully compatible with WordPress.

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