I Like to Watch Spy Games on TV

However I do not like playing spy games on my computer.  Let me explain, this past week my machine slowed to a crawl. The CPU was working at 99%, nothing was getting done. I always have an anti virus program running so I thought it couldn't be a virus or spyware.  Guess what?  I had some malware that was wrecking havoc with my machine.   I started doing some research and found the culprit, then how to get rid of it was the question.

I found out I was not the only one to have this problem.  I followed their guidelines and behold it cleared up the problem.  Then I realized that I needed to find another program to safeguard my computer.  I found it:  Spy Hunter,  No it wasn't free, it cost money.  However, just sometimes you have to pay for things.


SpyHunter Box

They have a download page that lets you download the software and try the scanner but to use the program you have to buy it.  If you are having spyware problems then it is worth it to try it.

How Can SpyHunter Benefit You?

Well you will need to go to their website to read all that info.  SpyHunter website



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