Gardening Secrets

Parsnip from Les' garden in MarchGardening Secrets For the last 40 years three people have worked on the methods and techniques to grow vegetables all year round without working themselves to death. Now the secrets are going to be revealed. Here is what you will Learn from Les and Jane, how to grow a wonderfully productive garden- In most cases over 3 times as many vegetables as an old fashioned traditional garden. Now you may be saying how can this be? All you need to do is learn the 10 simple rules to a great garden. And you will be amazed at what you will be able to do. Your garden will only require about 1 day of actual work each year to maintain after setup. It seems unbelievable, but it is true. Yes, when you first start to prepare the ground for your garden it may take longer than one day, and it might be a lot of work, but after that it is not going to be required. Grow food anywhere, no matter what the soil or climate (Les and Jane live in Northern Canada with frost every month except July) and this is the method that they use. In a video on their website you see Les gathering veggies with snow on the ground. Now tell me, that you can do this. To view a video click here: Gardening secrets The 3 success rules to earn an income from your garden (Les and Jane have 25 years experience to share with you)

  • Never use a hoe, a shovel or ever dig in your garden again
  • Set up an organic garden that has no pests
  • Learn the one simple rule to eat healthy food without pesticides or chemicals
  • Learn to grow your own plants for your garden from seed
  • Learn why it’s so important to save precious seed for next year or even learn the self-seeding technique to save even more effort and expense

  Experience the tremendous taste difference with vegetables grown this way, simply out of this world. Never have to buy veggies from the store again, and not knowing what pesticides might be on them. It is all possible by using the information that Les and Jane have put together.

So reap the benefits of the ‘Perpetual Garden’ which grows all by itself with very little effort on your part, you just harvest fresh food. And start living the fresh veggie way.

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